Tèrra Aventura game terms and conditions


Created and managed by the Nouvelle-Aquitaine Tourism Board, Tèrra Aventura offers a geocaching activity in the form of a game, an opportunity to discover the destinations of Nouvelle-Aquitaine and their assets, be it heritage, natural sites, know-how, tales and legends, sports or Street Art.

Containers called « caches », are hidden in various places. The aim of the game is to locate these caches, with the help of a GPS or smartphone, and get the treasures they contain : cheeky little creatures called« Poï’z », in the form of collectible badges.  

Players can download the Tèrra Aventura app for free via Google Play or App Store. They are required to create an account to access the game. Next, they are invited to choose a quest and activate their geolocalisation to begin playing. 
Players can also print out their itinerary at home using the Tèrra Aventura website or in a participating Tourist Office, and use a GPS to carry out the quest.  

Different criteria is available to help players choose a quest : theme, level, distance, location (department, town, around me).
They can also select a season (year of creation, to find the newest quests, for example), bonus quests (in French), caches they have not yet succeded in locating....

During the game, players can visualise their location on the map and evolve, step by step. Using the mobile app, they are required to register the answers to the different riddles as they go along, in order to make the GPS coordinates appear. Next, they must try to find the cache, containing the quest’s Poï’z badges, and take one if they wish, before placing the container back where they found it.   

Each team’s ranking is registered on the mobile app and displayed for other players to see. Besides their username, department and/or country of origin (compulsory information) players can also choose to show a profile picture, a biography, comments and photos.  

Players are also invited to take part in bonus quests (in French) as they evolve in the game. 

Most quests available are to be carried out on foot. However there are several « Ziclou » itineraries, specially adapted for cyclists, and snowshoe caches, which can be done, weather permitting.


The subject of the present Terms of Use (hereafter called « TOU ») is the determination of the rules and regulations of the « Tèrra Aventura » game (hereafter called « the Game »), created and managed by the Nouvellle-Aquitaine Tourism Board (hereafter called « CRTNA »).

The present TOU concern participating users (hereafter called « the User ») and define the terms of use of the https://www.terra-aventura.fr/ website and of the Tèrra Aventura mobile app, as well as the terms of use inherent to participation in the Game.  Each of the Game’s players agrees to respect its TOU. 

Definition and monitoring of the itineraries

The game is organised by the CRTNA, in partnership with participating Departmental Tourism Boards and Tourist Offices.

It is up to participating Tourist Offices to select the itineraries and caches in cooperation with their local community(ies).  They commit to checking the safety and durability of the suggested itineraries, in cooperation with the relevant community(ies).  

Despite all the care put into the validation of the itineraries as determined hereinabove, the CRTNA cannot be held responsible for passage authorization faults, path maintenance or any other passage flaws.  

In order to signal a problem encountered during one of the itineraries, please contact the CRTNA or the local Tourist Office.

Access to the Game

The User can participate in the Game by either downloading the Application on their personal mobile terminal or by using a GPS and information from the Website. 

By installing the Application on their mobile terminal and/or accessing the Application, the User agrees to the full TOU as defined hereinafter, without restrictions, nor exceptions, whatsoever. 

The Application is downloadable free of charge via the « App Store » and « Google Play Store » platforms. In order to access and use the Application, the User must have an Internet access and a compatible telephone or mobile terminal. Compatibility conditions are detailed in these two stores.  
The version of the Application software must be updated regularly. This information is also given to Users, via the stores.  

The Application is reserved exclusively for the User’s personal use.  

Geo-localization data

To begin the Game, the User must have a mobile terminal to geo-locate him/her. This geo-localization enables the User to visualise his/her position along the itinerary, to check the different steps and on the Application, to follow the other players’ evolution. 

The User using the Application is required to activate the geo-localization function direcly in the settings of his/her mobile device, and must agree to let the Application access geo-localization, otherwise the Game will not function correctly.    

User Obligations 

User Obligations relative to the Game

All users commit to the following :

  • Choosing an itinerary which is adapted to their age and physical condition, as well as to those of other participants accompanying them. (Itineraries are classified progressively, according to their level. When in doubt, participants should consult participating tourist offices for information about levels of difficulty.)
  • Respecting public pathways they have taken/chosen.
  • Not entering private properties located near itineraries, and not damaging them in any way or form.
  • Not placing in the caches items which are : perishable, dangerous, non-trade objects or items likely to offend other participants, especially children, in any way or form.
  • Respect the French highway code at all times, even for cyclists

User Obligations relative to the use of the Application and Website 

All users commit to NOT doing the following :

  • Copying the Application in any way, shape or form (including parts of the App);
  • Using software or procedures in order to copy content from the Application, without permission from the CRT;
  • Exporting the Application or merging it with other computer programmes;
  • Proceeding to adapt, transcribe, modify, arrange, compile, decompile, assemble, transcode any part of the Application ;
  • Installing systems that are likely to pirate the Application.

User Obligations relative to Content published via the Application and Website

The User expressly agrees to :

  • Obtain consent from people mentioned in any Content he/she publishes via Tèrra Aventura ;
  • Respect copyright (photos, royalties, private life) and generally, all rights in regards with the Content he/she publishes via Tèrra Aventura ;
  • Refrain from posting any content that is defamatory, abusive, discriminatory, an incitement to hatred, or offensive in any way to the laws and regulations in force..

User Obligations relative to sanitary measures 

The User agrees to respect barrier gestures :

  • Cough into your elbow
  • Keep a distance
  • Wash your hands often

For the final step of each Tèrra Aventura quest, it is recommended to wear a mask and wash your hands before and after manipulating the container, poïz, logbook and pencil (use hydroalcoholic gel when soap and water are not available nearby).
During the quest, social distancing between players must be respected at all times.  
The quest finales may be modified to respect sanitary measures. These may also be deactivated for the same reason. 

Using discount coupons acquired via the Application 

Unlocking certain caches gives access to discount coupons, from various commercial partners. 

Each coupon is numbered and can only be used once, during the validity period mentioned on the coupon. 

Supplying goods and/or services mentioned on the coupon is subject to the provider’s  own conditions, and is the supplier’s sole and entire responsibilty.  The CRTNA cannot be held responsible for guaranteeing the supply of these goods/services.  

Using the Application for Ziclou itineraries

  • Specific clause for cyclists using the mobile app to do the « special cycling caches » : The Ziclou itineraries are specifically adapted for cyclists. 
  • Participants must respect the French highway code at all times. As stated in the law, it is strictly forbidden for drivers/riders to use their telephone while driving/cycling. The use of an ear piece is also prohibited while driving/cycling.
  • For your safety, the app will emit a beep to indicate any nearby steps, danger, riddles, enabling you to stop your vehicle and access the information. 
  • Participants must be equipped with an adapted device (ie. a fastening system) conform to the French highway code standards. 
  • The Nouvelle-Aquitaine Tourism Board cannot be held liable for any possible violation of the highway code. 

Using the Application for snowy itineraries

On specific adapted snowshoe itineraries, the CRTNA reminds players of the importance of checking weather conditions available in each resort and of contacting the local Tourist Office to make sure the itinerary can be accessed safely.

The CRTNA cannot be held responsible if a player chooses to depart on an itinerary, despite the resort’s advice not to. 

Personal data

The Application and Website (on which the User opens an account called « Adventure roadbook ») collect personal data. 

This data is the User’s :

  • Username,
  • e-mail address,
  • department (in France) or country of residence.

This compulsory data enables each player to :

  • log into his/her account on the Application or Website,
  • to play Terra Aventura interactively (register comments, upload photos, participate in contests…),
  • to memorise and follow his/her Game ranking,
  • to receive (if subcribed) information about the Tèrra Aventura universe (newsletter, mobile pushes, satisfaction surveys).

The User may also register :

  • a profile picture,
  • a biography,
  • pictures of one or several itineraries.

The User states he/she is informed that his/her Game ranking is automatically displayed. 

User data is stored as long as an account remains active, a status checked by the CRTNA yearly, using the date when the User last logged in a mystery word.
Data belonging to any person whose account is considered to be inactive for over 3 years will become anonymous. This data will be kept for statistics purposes without possibility of identification. 

Each User can request access to his/her data to have it modified, deleted, exported, limited or to refuse its treatment by contacting :  dpo@na-tourisme.com.

Players can exercise this right by justifying their identity in a letter, sent by post, to the following address   
CRT Nouvelle-Aquitaine - Maison régionale du tourisme 
Site Tèrra Aventura
30, cours Gay Lussac
CS 50095

Users can file a complaint to the control authority if the CRTNA does not answer their request, despite having been sent several reminders. In France, the control authority is : CNIL, 3 place de Fontenoy, TSA 80715, 75334 Paris cedex 07.

For further information, please consult the Confidentiality chart.

Guarantee limits

Users must take all appropriate measures to protect their personal data/software installed on their computers and phones, from violations.
The User declares that he/she knows and accepts the features and limits of the Internet, namely the functional features and technical specifications of the internet network ; problems related to connection/website access, problems related to network availability/traffic, problems related to network failure or saturation, transit problems, problems accessing online information, delays involved in displaying, consulting, questioning or transferring information; interruption shortages , the absence of protection against possible hijacking or hacking, risks of contamination by viruses on the network etc… for which the CRT cannot be held responsible.
Furthermore, the CRT declines responsibility for participants misusing the terminal/ and or for any incidents related to the use of the terminal while using the Application. The CRT declines responsibility in case of any type of damage, caused to Users, their terminals, their electronic equipment, telephones and data stocked on any of the above. The CRT cannot be held responsible for consequences of any type of damage should cause on the Users’ jobs.
The CRT cannot be held responsible for GPSs, whether they belong to the User or whether they were rented in a participating Tourist Office.
The CRT cannot be held responsible for the state of pubic paths used by participants searching for caches.

TC Evolution

Applicable TCs are those in effect on the date of the User’s participation.
The CRT reserves the right to modify, at any moment, all or part of the TC without forewarning participants, in order to adapt them to technical or legal evolutions, or when new services are created.
Modifications will simply be put online by the CRT. They are considered to be accepted without reserve by all Participants participating in the game after the modification has been put online.


Any conflict or dispute that may arise as to the interpretation or application of the TOU, which cannot be resolved out of court is compulsorily and automatically submitted to the competence of the  « Tribunal de commerce de Bordeaux » (Gironde). (Commercial Court of Bordeaux – Gironde).


If one of the TOU stipulation is annulled or declared as being unwritten, the other stipulation maintains all of its effectiveness and scope.  In this regard, the CRTNA reserves the right to make an amendment to any TOU stipulation that is annuleed or decalred as being unwritten.  

Applicable law

The TOU are under terms of French law, the only applicable law, in this field.  
The TOU are written in French, the only language applicable in this field. Any translation of the TOU is for information purposes only.


Any questions relative to the Game and/or services can be sent by e-mail to the address : les-sages@terra-aventura.fr